Healthier alternatives to lottery

If you are a fan of the lottery games, admit it or not, you are a gambler! This is true for the reason that you are playing a game of pure chance! Does this not make you a gambler? If you do not like this word being associated with yourself, start today and practice the healthier alternatives to a lottery draw

1. The stock trade

If you want the fun element to be alive when you are dealing in a trade, there can be nothing better than stock trading. Instead of gambling on a game of pure luck, you can trade in shares and use your judgment to increase your money by several folds! The stock market provides the most fruitful opportunity for it. This is a clean alternative where the control is not completely on chance!
If you are new to this, you can consult a professional to guide you through the dealings of the share market. What this will do is make you used to the workings of the share trade. Later on, as you become your own expert, you can terminate the professional help and carry on the share trade on your own! Through share trading, all the fun and the factor of the ‘unknown’ are still alive. This is by far the most recommended alternative to the lottery draws!

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2. Donations

This option is only for the compassionate! Unfortunately, there can be nothing financially earned through making donations. What you can earn instead is some good wishes of the people to whom you are making that donation! Likewise, you can make donations to the charities of your choice. That money which was going waste in buying lottery tickets can in fact be given to the needy! This is a way better way of using the money instead of throwing it away on a game of pure luck!

3. The banks

This alternative is a rather safe bet! You know your money is safe when you are putting it in a bank. However, the factor you have to compromise on is the percentage of return as compared to the return promised in the lottery.
In bank deposits, there are no staggering figures to be won. It is a simple deposit scheme where a rate of interest will be applied and you will earn interest on your savings! It is quite simple to understand and you can be assured a definite rate of return!

Gambling and casinos were always considered as ‘bad’ if you go by traditional thoughts. Although no such traditional thoughts are existent today, gambling is discouraged for the simple reason that there are big chances of loosing a good deal of money through these gambling games! If you are strong hearted and can take losses with a stride, lotteries are probably not harmful for you!

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If however, you are in the list of the faint hearted, do not even try gambling or the lottery! The chances to win are less and the chances of a loss are maximum!

How Can You Keep Your Coupons Organized?

Coupons are a good way of saving money while shopping and having great deals. With so many stores providing coupons for our purchases, collecting them is a sensible way of money saving.

Coupons may not seem to matter much at first but if you start collecting them and use them together you can get huge benefits. If collected wisely you can do free shopping for reasonably good amount just with the help of coupons. Collecting those small bits can be a tough job. We tend to lose them when we have collected plenty of them. No one would like to lose a piece of paper that is equal to money when used at the right time. So organizing and holding the coupons can be tougher than collecting them. However with simple steps you can ensure that you don’t lose or damage even a single coupon and you successfully redeem them.

Don’t worry; it won’t be a very tough job. First of all you need to make a folder or a file or in fact anything that can hold bits of paper. Now get all the coupons you have collected and place them in order of the product they are for. Make a few folders and write the name of the products on them.

For example make one for groceries and a different one for household items. According to your lifestyle and the coupons that you use, make folders or a file and label them, so that you can easily make out which coupons, are for what products. This one time effort can save a lot of time, every time you wish to use these coupons. All you need to do is to read the folder name to make out which coupon is to be used for a certain purchase.

With your coupons now organized you will never have to worry about losing them. However you should keep the folder in a place where you can easily access it. This is necessary so that you can file the new, day to day coupons as soon as you reach home and hence you don’t damage your coupons. This way you can make sure that your older coupons are not lost and the new ones are kept in a safe place where they are in order. Never mix up the new coupons, always take your time once, to place them in their appropriate place. If you don’t, you might go to the grocery store with a coupon for clothing and embarrass yourself. Hence it is good to organize the coupons according to the products that they can be used for.

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With these simple steps you can ensure that the coupons are always safe, not damaged and ready to use. Just like any other official document, these coupons are also important. They may look like useless bits of paper, but they can replace money, if used at the right place. So give them the importance, and organize and keep them safe, as they can save a good amount of your money that you would otherwise spend for shopping basic goods.