Jaguar XE Overview

Jaguar revealed the XE sedan in 2014 after a long string of teases that nearly drove us nuts. In the UK, the XE is ready for action, but folks in the U.S. have to wait until the 2017 Jaguar XE arrives. As we get nearer to the American release of the XE, our spy photographers caught a special version of the upcoming sedan in a parking lot. This model had a badge with an “E” on a light-blue background and no visible exhaust pipes. Our thoughts immediately turned to this being either a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid version of the XE. Book a test drive for Jaguar XE in Tryaldrive.

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With BMW already entrenched in the compact luxury hybrid sedan realm with the ActiveHybrid 3, and Mercedes about to dive in with the 2016 C350 Plug-In Hybrid, it was only a matter of time before Jag dipped its toes in. The question is, what type of hybrid is this? Is it a plug-in hybrid or a standard hybrid? Maybe it’s not a hybrid at all and is actually a full-electric version of the XE. I really don’t know.

Jaguar XE Exteriors

Styling is where the Jaguars rule the roost and the XE is certainly no different. It starts with the signature grille – the toothed-cat in the centre and the low lying twin-barrels headlamps looking straight into you. The large louvered hood swoops down like eyelids with the creases adding muscle to the equation. And all of this aggression and drama is created with simple, clean lines from Ian Callum’s drawing table which make these Jaguars so beautiful.

As you move on to the profile, the steeply raked windshield flows into the taut roofline that extends to the boot lid, almost like a coupe. The design gives it a crouched stance when you look at it from the sides and the distinct shoulder line, the flared wheel arches and the signature fender slit adds character. The tail gets a little lip-spoiler on the deck-lid and two large horizontal wrap-around tail lamps with the flying cat embossed in the centre.Overall, the Jaguar XE takes the styling game to the next level in the compact luxury sedan segment, leaving behind its primary rivals, the Mercedes C-Class, the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4.

Jaguar XE Interiors

The cabin of the XE diesel is very much like its exterior, understated. The dashboard is neatly laid-out but is quite a mixed-bag of premium as well as not so premium materials. For instance, some buttons have the click sound which just robs away the premium quotient. That said, the air-con controls are neatly laid-out below the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Overall the cabin is a nice place to be in and comes loaded with features. In this Prestige trim, you get leather upholstery, interior mood lighting, Meridian Sound system, cruise control and speed limiter, dark satin brushed aluminium inlays and power folding and auto-dimming heated door mirrors with memory function.

The front and rear seats offer good support and comfort but the headroom is a little tight owing to the sloping roofline. Anyone below 5’10” should be comfortable in the rear seat. However, due to the tall transmission tunnel and protruding rear AC vents, the third passenger would feel he/she was uninvited. The 455-litres boot is as practical as it can get. Unlike the Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3-Series, the XE’s boot is flat and wide and moreover, the space saver tyre is neatly tucked away under the floor. For more info on Jaguar XE visit 

Jaguar XE Gearbox

This is where things get a little convoluted, as there are no reports of Jaguar planning to build a hybrid or electric XE, but this is clearly something of that nature. Carscoops did a little digging themselves, and when they ran a license plate check on this car, it came back as having a 2.0-liter diesel engine. However, the label on the windshield has an FEV ID, and “FEV” stands for “full electric vehicle.”My best guess is that this is a plug-in hybrid with a 2.0-liter diesel engine backing it up. As Autoevolution points out, “FEV” is also the name of a company that has done work on both full-electric and hybrid vehicles, and the chances of Jag diving right into full electric without dabbling in the plug-in hybrid realm seems unlikely.

The other potential scenario is that this model is a hybrid that features a 2.0-liter diesel engine and the same 35 kW electric motor built into the transmission as the Range Rover Sport diesel hybrid has. According to Carscoops, when they ran the plates on these hybrid SUVs’ they came back with a diesel engine only, just like this XE-E. There are 4 driving modes – Normal, Eco, Winter and Dynamics (with a chequered flag), these alter the engine, steering and AC, not the gearbox as the S mode on the rotary gear selector does that. In S mode, it holds the revs all the way, upshifting slightly below 4500 RPM while if you use the paddles, it will go into manual mode and not upshift till you do so. The gearbox is very quick with shifts, sometimes too fast as it downshifts when you don’t need it but I like the enthusiasm, especially in the city wherein stop-go traffic, this Jag feels just too punchy but you learn to modulate the throttle.

Jaguar XE Driving

The XE is the first Jaguar to come with an electric steering which has superb feel and feedback. Not only does the steering weigh up well at speeds, it feels connected all throughout. Jaguar has achieved very good weight distribution (near 50:50) and that’s due to the use of aluminium not only in the chassis but also in the suspension. Then there are a slew of electronics too but the one to really talk about is torque vectoring which applies brake to the inside wheel while cornering to maintain control.

Being a rear-wheel drive, the Jaguar XE does feel a bit oversteery but the electronics make sure you point where you want to, although you can still have some fun. In spite of being a good handler and stiffly sprung, this BMW 3-Series rival has a fantastic ride quality wherein it absorbs almost everything in its stride other than the bigger bumps on the road where it just thuds. The brakes on this car offer good stopping power and the XE remains glued to the road at high speeds.

Jaguar XE Safety

While the after sales network isn’t as great as its German rivals, the Tata-owned brand is steadily expanding and is committed to giving peace of mind to its customers. In terms of safety features, the XE Diesel gets multiple airbags, Surround Camera System (offered in the top-end Portfolio trim only), Start/Stop System, Torque Vectoring, Dynamic Stability Control with Traction Control, ISOFIX child seat mounts, Hill Launch Assist and Jaguar Smart Key System (keyless entry, offered in the top-end Portfolio trim only).

Jaguar XE Cost in Chennai

Jaguar Xe On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 42,95,830 to 53,58,175 for variants XE Pure and XE Portfolio Diesel respectively. Jaguar Xe is available in 6 variants and 7 colours. Below are details of Jaguar Xe variants price in Chennai. Check for Jaguar XE price in Chennai at Carzprice.

Jaguar XE Verdict

The Jaguar XE diesel actually does a pretty good job at what it is built for. It gives you a taste of the Jaguar aura of opulence and speed. It has all the bells and whistles that come standard for the segment and a cabin that reminds you of a speedboat. Add the dynamic handling of the Jaguar to the equation and top it up with the gorgeous proportions of the XE and you have a proposition that is just too attractive.

It is not that the Jaguar is unrivalled. Running interference here is the comfort-focussed Mercedes-Benz C-Class which offers a soft ride and more cabin space. The BMW 320d also works pretty well trying to find the perfect balance between ride, space and handling while the Audi A4 aims for tech and bling. So, if, making a statement and loving it is your style, the Jaguar XE is the car for you. It might not be the most spacious in its segment, nor does it have the best ride or horsepower. But then it has its own unique proposition that suits a select class of buyers who prefer a bit of style and exclusivity over downright practicality.

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