Once your digital marketing strategy is up and running, you should monitor, optimise, and refine your campaigns, marketing channels, and activities. Let’s see what to refine and how to do it.

1. Retargeting ads

Also known as behavioural retargeting or simply retargeting are the ads that are based on user’s previous interaction with your website.

You show targeted ads to the visitors that have visited your website but didn’t convert. Here is how it works.

1. A visitor lands on your website.

2. Leaves without converting or buying.

3. Highly targeted ads are shown to this visitor to compel them to return to your website.

4. The visitor returns to your website and converts.

Statistics show that retargeted visitors are 3x more likely to click the ad and are 4x more likely to convert as compared to new visitors.

Retargeting ads are great at ROI. They drive massive ROI.

EasyVSL achieved 300% ROI with Facebook retargeting ads.

There are several ways you can use retargeting ads in your digital marketing strategy.

1. You can first run a PPC campaign and then run a retargeting ad campaign to target visitors who left the website without buying.

2. You can use a full-fledged retargeting campaign as a primary marketing channel.

3. Offer special discounts to visitors who abandoned the cart.

2. Improve site speed

Is your website slow?

If it is, it might affect your digital marketing strategy and it could be the reason why your marketing activities aren’t working.

Conversion rate decreases as the page load time of your website increases. For more info visit SEO Agency London.

Not just conversion rate, but site abandonment rate increases with every second. It’s quite obvious, your visitors won’t have to wait for a website that doesn’t load.

Above all, website speed is a Google ranking factor. The websites on the first page of Google search results page have the lowest median page load time.

Your website’s speed can ruin your digital marketing strategy. You might be spending thousands of dollars on marketing but if your website doesn’t load on time, you’ll end up wasting your money.

Follow these steps to improve page load time.

.,1. Visit Google’s page speed insights and check your site’s load time and follow the directions.

. 2. Reduce HTTP requests.

. 3. Use compression.

. 4. Minimise server load time.

. 5. Browser caching is your best bet.

. 6. Move scripts to the bottom of the page.

. 7. Keep design simple.

. 8. Get rid of unnecessary plugins and scripts.

. 9. Optimise images.

3. Content creation

How often do you create content for your blog?

Whatever marketing channels you’re using to reach a new audience and acquire leads, don’t ignore content creation.

In the last 12 months, 41% B2B companies created more content while 32% created significantly more content.

Why are they creating content like crazy?

Because it’s effective. According to 42% B2B marketers, content marketing is either effective or very effective for their business.

Use content creation and promotion as a marketing channel for your strategy to grow your business. If content marketing doesn’t suit your marketing objectives, simply start creating new content.

It has been reported that websites with a blog see over 160% increase in monthly lead growth as compared to websites without a blog that see 70% lead growth.

You have to do two things:

1. Create a blog and start publishing new content regularly. Not just text but add all types of content including videos, images, podcasts, etc., if it suits your business.

2. Use content marketing as a marketing channel for your digital marketing strategy. It will yield best results.

4. Search engine optimisation

One of the best digital marketing campaigns for any business in any industry is SEO. It should be a must part of your strategy.

Search engine marketing works because your target audience cannot stop using search engines. Over 93% of all online experience starts from a search engine. For SEO Services check pdagreen

Four out of five users use the search engine to find local information and 97% of people use search engines to find local goods and services.

SEO converts. It converts better than any other marketing channel primarily because when a user enters a search query, they are interested in finding out more or are more likely to buy than someone who is forced to click an ad.

However, search engine marketing is a long-term process. It needs time.

Therefore, you cannot rely solely on SEO for sales and conversions especially if you’re in a competitive niche because you’ll need at least 6 months to push your website to the first page.

SEO should be used with other marketing channels preferably an advertising campaign or a PPC campaign so that you continue to drive traffic to your website from ads and improve your website’s ranking in the meantime.

5. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the future marketing channel. You shouldn’t ignore it. It relates to every industry and you should prepare for it. Your audience is shifting to mobile at a faster pace than ever. There are over 4 billion mobile phone users in the world. 1.08 billion of these have a smartphone while 3.05 billion use a simple phone that is text-enabled.

More time is spent on mobile than desktop and TV.

Let’s give mobile marketing its due share.

. Optimise your website for mobile.

. Run a mobile ad campaign for search engines.

. Create a mobile app for your customers to engage with them.

6. Social media marketing

Social media marketing has the potential to do wonders for your digital marketing strategy in terms of engagement and ROI.

Facebook provides the best ROI followed by Twitter.

But 42% marketers intend to invest more on Instagram in the next year second only to Facebook.

So Facebook and Instagram are the two best social networks where your brand should invest heavily.

Instagram is mostly powered by images and is best for engagement while Facebook is a beast and works for pretty much everything ranging from increasing engagement to sales to generating leads, app downloads and more.

Don’t ignore it.

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