Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is a procedure done to increase the size of the breast. It is performed for women who have lost fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and also for women who desire more volume. It is a popular method used to increase the size, to augment the shape of the breast and to improve the symmetry of a women’s breast. This is most often done using silicone cohesive-gel implants, saline implants and sometimes fat-grafting.

Breast augmentation is a signature procedure at Allure Plastic Surgery. It is done safely under sedation where the patient is asleep throughout the procedure. The patient is able to go home the same day with minimal downtime. To know more info on Breast Augmentation check Sccaudi.

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that enhances your breasts through the placement of implants. Your breast augmentation can be customized in a number of ways to achieve the appearance and results you desire, including:

A. Breast size

B. Breast shape

C. Incision placement

D. Implant placement

No two patients are the same, and successful breast augmentation requires the skill and attention of a board-certified plastic surgeon who will listen to your concerns, assess your physical contours and devise a tailored treatment plan that addresses your unique goals.

The Advantages of Breast Augmentation

Curing Micromastia

When a woman’s breasts do not develop after puberty, the condition is called micromastia. Micromastia may also be related to a woman’s self-perception of her own body. Either way, breast augmentation in Honolulu may be the procedure to fix the physical and mental hang-ups that occur with this unfortunate condition. Implants can often provide a better sense of self-image in women as well as a fuller figure that can help in various areas.

Addressing Gynecomastia

In the same way that women may feel insecure because of breasts that are too small, men may feel insecure because of breasts that are too big. The clinical condition for this is called gynecomastia, and it can be solved using breast augmentation in Honolulu.

Looking More Youthful

Breast augmentation in Honolulu can help to reverse the effects of aging in women. Many women may notice that their breasts began to sag after a certain age. With the right augmentation procedure in place, women can take control of this condition in conjunction with a breast lift. The final product will be a more youthful figure and perky breasts that are sure to draw attention and improve self-image.

Post-Pregnancy Issues

After nursing and pregnancy, some women find that the shape of their breasts may change. In some cases, the breasts may get smaller or droop. This corresponds with a look that many people associate with age — a look that most women do not want to have. A breast augmentation procedure can help to change these post-pregnancy issues for the better, giving a woman a more youthful, perky look and more self-esteem.

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